ML / Biography

Magnus Löfgren is a swedish designer born 1957 in Gothenburg.

After graduating as an engineer, he studied at HDK,  Academy of
Design and Crafts, and then started a consultancy in 1983.

During 1985, the business moved to Stockholm, with commitments
for the Swedish company Boda Nova, in their design studio.

In 1993, the Swedish brand Design House Stockholm was formed,
where he was soon hired by the founder Anders Färdig.

He was part of the first group of designers, and contributed with
products such as the Focus vase, Shell votive and Tablo tray table.

During recent years Magnus made travels to the capitals of Europe,

to study the design and culture in other european countries,and he

spent many periods in Paris.

Magnus Löfgren was awarded several prizes during his long career,
among others Design Plus 1987, and the Excellent Swedish Design
Award 1987 and 1995.